Photogrammetric 3D models with a drone

Pictures are the basis of any presentation of the object, customers “buy with their eyes”, which is why the first impression we make on the client is important.

This is the first impression we get thanks to photos, photos that show the object, interiors, products and services. That is why it is so important that the photos are prepared in an attractive way for the recipient.

Examples of 3D models from the drone

The following examples show the possibilities of mapping the terrain with the help of 3D models made on the basis of photos taken from the air and from the ground. Pictures from the drone are carried out in air raids at various heights and at various angles to obtain a better representation of reality. The level of accuracy of the mapping depends on the number of photos taken and post-production work.

3D Model – Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club

3D Model –  Hotel Narvil, Serock, Poland

3D Model – Sobienie Królewskie Hotel, Poland

Model 3D – Church, Warsaw, Poland

Model 3D – Museum of the History of Polish Jews Polin, Warsaw, Poland

3D model – a housing estate, Warsaw – Wilanów, Poland

3D model – Kapriola estate, Warsaw – Wilanów

3D Model – BP Station, Warsaw – Wilanów

3D model – street Relaksowa under construction, Warsaw – Ursynów

3D Model – Przy Bażantarni Park , Warsaw Ursynów

3D model – housing estate at ul. Branickiego, Warsaw – Wilanów

3D model – Kindergarten, school and university Akademeia, Warsaw – Wilanów