Dedicated Virtual Walks on the website

Dedicated walks are made in the form of a website – a web application that can be placed on any server with a direct link to walk. They have a menu and easy navigation. You can also place additional media, such as videos from Youtube, videos embedded directly in 360 photos, photo galleries, links to websites.

Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil
Spacer wirtualny Warszawa - Hotel Narvil


Dedicated Virtual Walks, which we propose, have many advantages over the standard Google street walks:

  1. The walk is branded, with a logo, consistent with the site, is the extension of the website and makes a more professional impression
  2. The menu allows you to reach quickly to selected places, we immediately see the names of places
  3. Navigation arrows make it easy to move– we can see where you can go from a given panorama – we are not looking, the inscriptions inform where the arrow is pointing
  4. We direct the visitor to places,which we want to show first
  5. We stop in a walk for longerand we can show more – places where visitors would not look without a clear menu and navigation
  6. We link directly from the walkto selected places on the website (contact, facebook, reservations, etc.), we stop the visitor on the website
  7. Easy implementation on the website– just put a link or window with a walk


Our Dedicated Virtual Walks are based on a platform for programming virtual walks, which gives you a lot of possibilities:

  • Full control over walking software
  • Menu, links, images
  • Maps – Google and individual
  • Panoramas from the air
  • Interactive “hotspots”
  • The ability to place media – movies and photos
  • Youtube movie player
  • VR mode for display in VR glasses
  • The ability to upload 360 movies
  • Different display options, including Little Planet View
Spacer wirtualny - Fort Mokotów
Spacer wirtualny - Lofty de Girarda

Platforms for hotel chains

  • All virtual walks within one network can be combined into a platform using maps, menus, and listings
  • The customer can travel between hotels in this way – he stays longer on the website
  • The maps show the client other locations that they may be interested in
  • From each walk the client can go to the hotel page for more information and make a reservation

Examples of Dedicated Virtual Walks

Virtual walk – Hotel Narvil

Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

Virtual walk – Mila Kamień Club

More about virtual walks

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Spacer wirtualny Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

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Dedicated virtual walks

Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

Dedicated walks with a convenient menu and navigation to publish on websites.

Panoramic maps

Panoramic maps showing the area, its attractions and infrastructure.

Travel guides

Travel guides based on aerial panoramas

360 photos for Facebook

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Virtual Walks – Examples

Narvil Hotel

Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

Mila Kamień Club

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

M15 Restaurant

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

Model home

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

Mokotów Fort

Spacer wirtualny po Warszawie - Fort Mokotów

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

Lofts de Girarda

Spacer wirtualny po Żyrardowie - Lofty de Girarda

Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

Art Gallery

Virtual walk, panoramas on Facebook


Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

See other forms of presentation

Photos from the air

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Lamberton

Aerial photos taken from a drone, retouching

Drone videos

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Sobienie Królewskie

Videos made with a drone, recording, editing

Drone photo maps

Mapy fotograficzne z drona z powietrza

Photographic maps made with photos

3D photo models

Modele 3D fotograficzne z drona

3D photo models from drone and ground photos