Photography of objects and interiors

Photographs are the basis of every presentation of the object, customers “buy with their eyes”, which is why the first impression we make on the client is important.

This is the first impression we get thanks to photos, photos that show the object, interiors, products and services. That is why it is so important that the photos are prepared in an attractive way for the recipient.

Photo sessions

We do photo sessions of objects, interiors, products, services, etc. We work in Warsaw and the Tri-City, but we also work with photographers all over Poland, that’s why we are able to take on any task related to photography, drone photography, panoramic 360 photos and other tools for presentation of facilities, products and services.

How we improve photos

Taking a picture is the first step, proper framing is crucial. The images are saved in RAW files, which allows for later processing, which can take longer than just taking the photo. Each photo is carefully analyzed and processed to achieve the desired effect.

Example – comparison of the original and corrected photo:

Photos from the air

Photos of objects

Photos of interiors

Product photos

Pictures from events

Photos from stock

Price correction for photos

1 photo – 49 PLN
5 photos – 149 PLN
10 photos – PLN 239
50 photos – PLN 499
100 photos – PLN 899
200 photos – PLN 1499
Over 200 photos – ask for an offer by e-mail

Try it for free!

Special offer – 5 photos for free!

Send up to 5 photos by email in the attachment on, we will make corrections for you for free and we will send pictures back. For larger files, you can also send them via

See other forms of presentation

Photos from the air

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Lamberton

Aerial photos taken from a drone, retouching

Drone videos

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Sobienie Królewskie

Videos made with a drone, recording, editing

Drone photo maps

Mapy fotograficzne z drona z powietrza

Photographic maps made with photos

3D photo models

Modele 3D fotograficzne z drona

3D photo models from drone and ground photos