Virtual Walks

Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

Virtual walks are a modern tool for presenting objects, interiors, areas supporting the promotion and sale of products and services.

Walks consist of panoramic 360 pictures taken inside or outside of the objects – from the ground and from the air. Pictures are combined in a walk, where you can move around and look around using a computer or smartphone.

Virtual Walks – reasons for implementation

If a photo is worth a thousand words, there are millions of reasons why you should implement the Virtual Walk

  • 67% of travelers say that the quality of the photos is “very important” when choosing a hotel . Interactive virtual walks allow visitors to visit the hotel as if they were in person.
  • Travelers are 150% more involved when hotels offer accurate photos of rooms and facilities. Inappropriate photos may cause disappointment to guests and loss of reservation.
  • Hotels with virtual walks on their website can get 48% more reservations. An increase of 167% ROI can be achieved within 4 weeks.
  • 2 out of 3 consumers want more virtual tours of companies . Interactive virtual tours allow people to get to know and experience as if they were in person.
  • Hotel websites are the # 1 online source for business travel planning and source # 2 for vacation planning.
  • 96% of hotel event coordinators claim that virtual tours are also a good tool that helps potential viewers visualize meeting places and conference rooms.
  • A virtual walk stops customers longer on the page they have less time to look for competition.
Spacery wirtualne w hotelach Warszawa - Hotel Narvil 2
Spacery wirtualne dla hoteli Warszawa - Hotel Narvil 3
Spacer wirtualny Warszawa - Hotel Narvil
Spacer wirtualny - Lofty de Girarda

Virtual Walks – benefits

  • Provides transparency -a virtual walk allows consumers to display every angle. In this way we show that we have nothing to hide, what customers appreciate.
  • Increases trust -transparency leads to increased trust in the product or service.
  • Increases the value for the customer, who knows that the hotel invests in making the customer happy.
  • It creates a long-lasting first impression –the client will remember the walk more than the pictures from the gallery.
  • It makes the client feel he has control,he can choose what he wants to see and in what direction he wants to move, and what he wants to miss.
  • Increases customer retention on the site – the so-called. reach media such as movies or virtual walks generate a higher level of interest and commitment. Users are more likely to stop and see what the hotel offers. The longer you stay on the site, the greater the chance of booking. And less time to look for competition.
  • Increase the number of reservations: with all aspects mentioned above, virtual walks can increase the total number of reservations.

Virtual Walks – statistics

  • 57% of tourists traveling and 46% of business travelers considers virtual walks on the site as “very desirable” (test DoubleClick)
  • Virtual walks reduce the number of page views lost by 40% (Property Week)
  • Sites with 360 walks and interactive media they have 40% more page views than the competition that does not have such solutions (Pew Internet Life Study)
  • Hotels that have virtual tours of their website,they generate 48% more reservations (test Best Western)
  • If you visit a website that has a virtual walk, stay on the page 3 times longer (Panomatics)
  • Rich Media (interactive visualizations, such as video and / or virtual tours) increase conversion rates by 64% (portal ICE)
Spacer wirtualny - Fort Mokotów
Spacer wirtualny - Pole Golfowe Sobienie Królewskie

Virtual Walk – Narvil hotel, Serock

Where do we take walks?

The main area for walking is Warsaw and the province. mazowieckie, but We carry out projects all over Poland – in person or in cooperation with drone operators and Google Street View photographers from all over Poland. In the case of cooperation, the local photographer or the drone operator performs the source material as determined. Based on this material, we prepare panoramas and a virtual walk in a fixed version.

Price list

Prices of virtual walks depend on the number of panoramas, the cost of the panorama output from the ground – 100 PLN, panoramas from the air – 300 PLN. With a larger number of panoramas, the unit price of the panorama decreases.

Sample package prices:

  • 5 panoramas from the ground – 500 PLN
  • 5 panoramas from the ground + 1 panorama from the air – 690 PLN
  • 10 panoramas from the ground – 850 PLN
  • 10 panoramas from the ground + 1 panorama from the air – 990 PLN
  • 30 panoramas from the ground – 1890 PLN
  • 30 panoramas from the ground + 1 panorama from the air – 1990 PLN

If you want to check the exact quote for your object, fill out the form below:

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    Spacer wirtualny Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

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    Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

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    Virtual Walks – Examples

    Narvil Hotel

    Spacery wirtualne Warszawa - Hotel Narvil

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    Mila Kamień Club

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    M15 Restaurant

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    Model home

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    Mokotów Fort

    Spacer wirtualny po Warszawie - Fort Mokotów

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    Lofts de Girarda

    Spacer wirtualny po Żyrardowie - Lofty de Girarda

    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

    Art Gallery

    Virtual walk, panoramas on Facebook


    Virtual walk, photography, drone’s photos

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