Aerial videos

Films are now a very popular tool for presenting objects. They show objects and surroundings from a new perspective

We make films using drones, we take care of filming and editing, we add special effects to films.

Filming from the air

We make presentation films of objects, interiors, products, services, etc. We work in Warsaw and the Tri-City, but we also cooperate with photographers and drone operators in Poland, that’s why we are able to take on any task related to photography, photography and filming from the drone, panoramic photos 360 from earth and air and other tools for the presentation of facilities, products and services.

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Aerial photos

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Lamberton

Aerial photos taken from the drone

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Aerial videos

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Sobienie Królewskie

Films from the drone, recording, production and assembly

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Aerial maps

Mapy fotograficzne z drona z powietrza

Photo maps for presentations and measurements

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3D photo models

Modele 3D fotograficzne z drona

3D models based on aerial photographs and from the ground

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