360 Panoramas for Facebook

Panoramas 360 can be placed directly on Facebook, you can watch them by turning in a panoramic photo.

Facebook allows you to place panoramic photos directly on the board just like ordinary photos. To place the panorama on Facebook, just follow a few simple steps.

Examples of panoramas published on Facebook

Range: 187 779
Post activity: 15 406
Number of likes: 396
Number of shares: 744

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Range: 171 970
Post activity: 13 055
Number of likes: 451
Number of shares: 797

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Range: 124 586
Post activity: 9 844
Number of likes: 476
Number of shares: 800

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Examples of 360 photos with Facebook graphics

Picture 360 with a map

See on Facebook

Picture 360 with advertising

See on Facebook

How to publish 360 panorama on Facebook

By default, facebook recognizes a photo as 360 when loaded based on parameters, e.g. the name of the camera from which the photo was taken, if it was a 360 camera.

Step 1

Panoramas connected in the software do not have such settings by default, but you can bypass them by assigning the appropriate settings. To do this, right-click on the panorama in the folder, select the properties, the details tab and change the camera manufacturer and model there:


Ricoh theta s

Step 2

Picture 360 is loaded on fb just like an ordinary photo – by dragging on fb or via “add photo”> “choose from disk”. While the photo is loading, the 360 icon will appear – it means that fb has recognized the picture as picture 360 correctly. Loading such a photo takes longer because it has to be converted into a panorama for playback, so you have to wait patiently.

Step 3

After loading the panorama, the icon appears on the thumbnail – Edit settings 360, click on it.

Step 4

Set the initial frame by dragging the image with the mouse.

The initial frame is the view in the direction in which the panorama on facebook will appear after loading. It can be set only at this stage, later after publishing it can not be edited anymore

Step 5

and we publish the photo.

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See the panoramas on Facebook at Visit Poland Online and Visit360.pl

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On the website of Visit360.pl, we publish panoramas, photos and current realizations, like and follow

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