Pictures from the drone

Photos from the drone are an attractive form of presentation, show objects and space from a perspective from which we can not see everything every day.

They allow the recipient to locate the search point. Thanks to such shots, we can beautifully present the surrounding nature and attractions nearby.

We take pictures, among others with the Phantom P4 drone, it is also possible to use other drones with any lenses.

Photo sessions from the drone

We take photo sessions of objects, interiors, products, services, etc. We work in the Tri-City and Warsaw, we also work with photographers all over Poland, that’s why we are able to take on any task related to photography, drone photography, panoramic 360 photos and other presentation tools objects, products and services.

Gdansk – photos from the drone

Gdynia – photos from the drone

Sopot – photos from the drone

Hel Peninsula and coast – photos from the drone

How to order photos?

Above in the gallery we present pre-prepared frames. Each of the photos is additionally prepared after the order – we correct the colors, white balance, contrasts, equalize the brightness, we also straighten the photos – we level the horizon, straighten the verticals of buildings, etc. If you are interested in any of the above frames, send its number or copy the photo and send it to us by e-mail or via the form. The name of the file appears when you move the mouse over the photo or when you click on the photo in gallery mode at the top of the photo. If you are interested in another photo, please contact us!

Warsaw – photos from the drone

Zegrze Reservoir – photos from the drone

Club Mila Kamień – Mazury – photos from the drone

Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club – photos from the drone

Planetarium – pictures from panoramas in the “little planet” mode

How we improve photos

Taking a picture is the first step, proper framing is crucial. The images are saved in RAW files, which allows for later processing, which can take longer than just taking the photo. Each photo is carefully analyzed and processed to achieve the desired effect.

Example – comparison of the original and corrected photo:

See other forms of presentation

Photos from the air

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Lamberton

Aerial photos taken from a drone, retouching

Drone videos

Zdjęcia z drona - hotel Sobienie Królewskie

Videos made with a drone, recording, editing

Drone photo maps

Mapy fotograficzne z drona z powietrza

Photographic maps made with photos

3D photo models

Modele 3D fotograficzne z drona

3D photo models from drone and ground photos