Your photos may also look better

Pictures are the basis of any presentation of the object, customers “buy what they see”, which is why the first impression we make on the client is so important.

This is the first impression we get thanks to photos that show the object, interiors, products and services. That is why it is so important when the photos are prepared in an attractive way for the clients.

How do we improve photos

Do you have poor photos and you can not publish them in the gallery and social media? Do you have photos that did not work out well, but you can not repeat them? We can help you.

Did you know that 99% of photos taken by professional photographers are processed in graphic programs? Certainly good equipment, especially the lens, and the photographer’s experience and skills are of great importance. But that’s not all, later there is also a lot of work at the computer, sometimes much more than on the set.

Photo correction is a natural part of the process of preparing a photo for publication. You can do it yourself using simple graphics programs or more professional Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop. This requires some time and skill, while the effects can be surprising.

How to prepare photos for publication on the Internet?

  1. Give your files the right names, so your website will be better positioned, and the photo itself will appear in the Google Images search results so that the client can reach your website.
  2. Make photo adjustments – white correction, color and saturation, brightness and contrast, etc. You can also add image filters if your photo will look better.
  3. Adjust the dimensions of the photo to the place where you will publish it. If you do not do this it will be converted during upload or the viewer will scale the photo, which does not always look good. If the photo is to be viewed via Internet on computers, there is no point in saving larger pictures than the monitor resolution, e.g. 1900 pixels wide. The smaller the picture, the faster the page loading, which is very important from the point of view of positioning!
  4. Save the file using the optimization tools (eg in Adobe Photoshop “save for the Internet”, jpg – 60% quality is usually enough).

If you do not have time for this, you can ask us to do it, we will make corrections to the photos and we will prepare them for publication for you.

Examples – comparison of original and corrected photos:

Aerial photos

Photos of objects

Photos of interiors

Product photos

Photos from events

Photos from stock

Price list for preparing photos

Prices for preparing photos for publication depend on the number of photos, the date of implementation and the amount of work on the amendments. The following price list includes: photo correction and retouching, cropping, changing the names of files to the Internet, resizing the image and saving in the form optimized for publication on the Internet.
For other amounts of photos – ask for an offer by e-mail

Standard price

Per photo

Promo price

Per photo



File names edition

Photo adjustments

File optimization



€ 39,9

€ 7,98

€ 31,9

€ 6,38


up to 72 h



€ 59,9

€ 5,99

€ 59,9

€ 4,79


up to 72 h



€ 89,9

€ 4,50

€ 89,9

€ 3,50


up to 72 h



€ 129,9

€ 2,60

€ 129,9

€ 2,00


up to 72 h



€ 229,9

€ 2,30

€ 229,9

€ 1,80


up to 72 h



€ 349,9

€ 1,75

€ 239,9

€ 1,20


up to 72 h

Net prices, do not include VAT.

Additional services:

  • “Express” – 24h: +30%
  • “For Yesterday” – 2-3h: +100% (only after prior confirmation of the date)
  • Additional corrections – for confirmation

How do you send photos? By email at or via – also at

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Special offer – 3 photos for free!

Send up to 3 photos via e-mail in the attachment at, we will make corrections for you for free and we will send pictures back. For larger files, you can also send them via