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Do you want to work with us and help in developing our projects at, Visit Poland Online and MaxWebStudio? We invite you to cooperate – both permanent and project-based, drone operators and 360 photographers from all over Poland and other countries!

>>  Cooperation – for drone operators and 360 photographers

We create a network of drone operators (also 360 photographers) who will be interested in both the project guides and also cooperation in the frames of photos, films, etc.
We have started in Poland, but are going to expand our pano guides for other countries as well!
Guides for Poland you can find at We are constantly working on them, we are adding points, so we still have working versions, because a lot of work at the same time, but parts can already be used.
Because we have the season in full we invite you to cooperation – people who fly the drone and:
  1. They want to support the promotion of their city / region (this is the priority of the project, Poland is beautiful and it can be seen from the air, but you do not need to write about it here ?)
  2. They want to learn to do panoramas from the drone if they have not done so yet
  3. They do not have their own recognizable brand and portfolio or they already have a brand and want to expand their offer with new tools from the drone: panoramic maps, virtual walks, guides from the air, 3D models from photos, orthophotomaps (RAWs are enough, we do the rest), as well as comprehensive solutions – websites with the presentation of facilities and services using photos and videos from the drone, panoramic maps, etc.
  4. They need sales tools (eg, guides facilitate establishing contacts with clients)
  5. They have little experience in the processing of photos (or already have experience, but they do not have the time) and help (we work with graphics / retouching)
  6. They have customers who would like to offer more, both drone and other marketing tools using drone materials (websites, printing, etc. – we program and make graphics)
More information about tools (guides, panoramic maps, 3d models, etc .):
If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by email at, in the email:
  1. what is your location / zone / city in which you fly or where are close to you (*)
  2. equipment (drone model) and how many photos are taking for the panorama
  3. what are you interested in – from the list above
  4. the rate from photos in rooks to one panorama payable (without travel costs)
  5. rate for 3 pictures of the object, e.g. a hotel (without travel costs)
  6. do you have experience in panoramas? if so then links to examples
  7. website link if you have a portfolio, videos etc.
  8. name and surname (in few e-mails were missing 😉 )
(*) note – we do not cooperate on the principle of “I can do all over Poland” – it’s about speed, knowledge of the area, flight conditions, reduction of transport costs – sometimes you have to take one panorama on a sunny day and there is no point in going 200 km it turned out that it just clouded, which is why we create a network all over Poland
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